World’s Most Expensive Catering Companies

If you have heck lot of money, and you want you an event that is stated in history, then you need to read this article because we have stated the best and the top ranked companies of catering the world. And the first one is the Wolfgang Puck, this is the only catering service company that has organized birthday party for Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise, they organized her birthday and charged more than 100,000 dollars from them. This company is working since 1998. Then there is Vegan Peasant Catering, it has been operating since 2010, as obvious from the name, this is only and most famous vegan catering company and it is managed by vegans as well.

Then there is Top of the World Restaurant. You must be wondering that it is such a convenient name for getting it famous. But the fact is that this restaurant has gotten many awards and it has many kinds of decks and dinning halls that are designed by the world’s most famous interior designers. And they managed to get to the top as well, just like their name. Then there is Top Hat Catering, this is based in London but still it is world’s famous for its seasonal food and it was established in 2010. It mainly managed weddings and engagement parties only or any celebration which is related to celebration.

Then there is Together with SoloTel. It is operating since 1986, it is famous for catering business events only. Many big companies contact them and that is why it is famous as well. Then there is The London Kitchen, this is the second biggest catering service in the world which is based in London. This is the only company which caters more than 2,000 people and they are operating since 2009. Even though this company has started recently but this is one of the most expensive caterers around the world with nothing but 5 stars all the way and nothing but perfection.

Then there is Searcys, this is the oldest catering company that is still operating and has stand still in the market even though many competitors came. This was started in 1847 and again this has been United Kingdom’s favorite and oldest catering companies ever existed. You can see long lists of catering companies in UAE and go to this site to see more.