Maintaining salon standards during COVID

The planet is now nearly used to the current standard of the Covid-19. There are men’s lounges no far away. Healthy men’s salons have adopted new rules and procedures to uphold their integrity and provide secure facilities. These new safety requirements are supposed to be adopted by men in men’s salons for the health purposes of their own people. The safety requirements for men’s salons in Dubai’s are very easy to obey and obligatory.

Reserve your visit appointment

All men must have an advance date at hair salon Tecom in Dubai. It is a must for all men. This helps sustain the lounge audience, encourages social isolation and does not waste much time for employers or suppliers. A reservation appointment is a must for any form of professional hair care service. Men who would like to book a renewal at leading salons will call or book a renewal from our platform easily.

Using precautionary supplements

Leading hair dressers in Dubai with all sorts of shielding gears is demanded to visit citizens. Men have the option of wearing any sort of safety gears that they like. Helmets, masks, goggles, caps and face shield. The leading hair care service team can ask you to remove protective gear only if really appropriate, depending on the type of service you plan to do. Unusual retrieval exchange is not expected by best salon in Dubai employers. As the best Dubai haircut salon, professional hairdresser Dubai marina are prioritized for protection of operation, equipping the whole crew with PPE kits during the working hours available at the living room.

Checking from top to bottom

Before the salon entry, all men who arrive in hair style salon in Dubai are thoroughly tested. This includes the record of body temperature of the thermal arm, contact with the body manager and travel history information. It is a step forward in our Covid-19 safety requirements. The specialist team shall be delegated to conduct the physical exam from top to bottom that will ensure everything is completed in good time.

Sanitation continuing

Professional Dubai salons conduct continuous sanitation. Chairs, appliances and even the general surfaces will be sanitized before any operation starts. In-between meetings, the entire lounge and equipment are sanitized. A lot of sanitizer for employees and support team is available in the lounge.