Is it easy to live abroad for academic purposes?

All students wish to study abroad. They dream to go their dream and favourite university for further education. However, as it looks, it is not easy to live there. It has a lot of payment. You do not have to study hard and keep yourself updated but you should know that there are only a few countries that offer scholarship to all international students but they have some conditions. Many of them have some demerits but the countries which offer are:

  1. Germany:
    Germany has number of the best universities of the world which can give you admission easily. All you need is to be able to speak and write German. They want their international students to learn to speak German so that they could adjust in their environment easily. But, try to achieve good grades too. So work hard from now and get a chance to study abroad.
  2. Turkey:
    Turkey can also give you scholarship easily. And the process will be easier if you have experience. The country is not expensive too due to which you can think of taking admission in any of its university. But try to save some money so that you can live and enjoy there easily. Visit their famous places while studying. Good luck for future. 
  3. Russia:
    Unlike America and England, Russia offers scholarships and stipends to all of its international students. All you have to do is to achieve average grades and marks and have some money in your account because at many times, their stipends are not enough to live on them for whole month. Try to get a part-time job so that it will be easier for you to live there and enjoy there. Apart from this, you can also apply for US visa from Abu Dhabi

Besides this, the students are required to be 

  1. High achiever in their school because what are the highest scores for you are the average scores for them because their criteria is still tough
  2. Financially stable because you have to pay at least half of the fee if you would not perform well and admission fee is also must.
  3. Active participant in co-curricular activities because they want their new students to be all-rounder because studious students are not made for this world.

So these are few guidelines about studying abroad for which you are thinking about Australian immigration and contacting the best Australian immigration consultants like However, do not lose hope. Your talent does not need the support of universities. The society, your failures and your experiences can teach you what universities cannot teach you. Just explore the world and know how much unlimited and infinite you are. Hope for the best and never get dishearted. There is something special for you!