Influencer marketing and its myths

Influencer marketing and its myths

Influencer marketing is marketing that concentrates on particular people rather than the entire target market for a particular brand. Influencer marketing has become much more prevalent over the last few years. Many people are subscribing to this approach and are achieving positive results. These influencers have achieved this status by gaining experience and knowledge in their particular niche. For example, in UAE there could be music influencers, Arab fashion influencers, cooking influencers and many more. However, it is not safe to follow each and every advice from a particular influencer you like, do test it logically and believe your gut feeling as well.

It is important to keep in mind that there is a lot of false and sometimes useless information floating around and you need to figure out what information is valuable and what information should be disregarded.

It is not necessary that if a person is popular in media, he or she is a media influencer. To achieve influencer status it takes time and a lot of hard work. A person can be popular based on charm and charisma which has nothing to do with that person’s knowledge or experience. The world is enriched with so much competition and information coming at you from so many angles makes it difficult to flush out the valuable information from the useless one.

You need not to pay each and every influencer and not everyone will work with you for money. Of course, every business person is working to make money; however, it doesn’t mean that money is the driver every single time. It mostly depends on what you are offering and what the influencer expects to get out of the relationship with your business. The influencer might find something valuable with your business and you may very well be able to strike a deal with him or her.

The return on investment is just the beginning of the relationship between the brand and the influencer. A brand should set objectives at the very beginning of the relationship and work towards achieving those goals with the influencer. An enduring relationship with the influencer or influencers will help you to bring your business to the next level, which is exactly what you want to happen.

Influencer marketing is definitely an approach to marketing that works most effectively in tandem with other types of marketing that work well for your business and achieve positive results.