Disadvantages of modular construction

Modular construction or prefabrication refers to the process of building house in form of modules in a factory like setting as per customization which is later brought back together to the site. Every coin has to two sides and so does commercial modular construction. So here we will see if the advantages of the modular construction outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Lifespan

Yes, it is certainly a misconception that modular houses do not last as long as the traditionally built houses but this can also be proven true as the lifespan highly depends on the maintenance of the structure. Any structure which is ill maintained will surely deteriorate before its time and this is why the lifespan completely depends on how you manage the structure.

  • Heat accumulation

The problem occurs when you have to manage heat in the house. As you must be aware that modular construction structures are made of wood mostly and you cannot afford any sort of heat even remotely near the wood because wood is a heat conductor. So, if you plan on living in an area where heaters are a thing then you will have to reconsider your options.

  • Fire resistance

If you plan on having some sort of bonfire around your house, then get ready to make your own house a fire conductor because wood cannot withstand fire at all. It is a combustible material which is why you have to be extra careful when you consider the option of fire around the place.

  • Limited options

This small drawback shouldn’t affect a lot because this can be easily managed when you consider the right modular construction company as the prefabricated houses can be of your choice but the choices are limited as you will have to choose only from the things which are available.

  • It still can’t be considered as mobile

If you are familiar with the idea of mobile homes then you must be aware of how they can be moved from one area to the other but this is not the case with modular houses and people often get it confused with the mobile ones. If you are going to get a modular house, then make sure that you are cleared with all the concepts and idea so that you are not surprised in the end.

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