Characteristics of worthy news

There are several Dubai local news channels that are operating to provide information to the citizens. People will normally rely on the information they get through these news channels as when they want to go out they will check the weather conditions and the atmosphere and rush level on the roads. They will also come to know about the new referendums and new bills through these news channels as well. There are also resources present that will provide about the real estate news in Dubai to provide the residents about the prices and importance of any place. To know more about the characteristics of news you have to see this:

Proximity: If the information is providing to the citizens about an event which is happening near to them then it will have more effect on them. If there is a channel which provides the information about the events happening in the other city or country then people will give it less importance as compared to the channel that provides them the local news about their own city. People will feel nothing when they get the news of and oil taker bust when it is in another country but they will feel highly grieved when it happens near their house.

Famous: A famous person or place will get the more views when something happens to them than the person of place which has less fame. For example when there is a plane crash with a famous celebrity in that then the famous celebrity will be highlighted in all the news about that incident instead of all those people who lost their lives in the same plane crash. No doubt everyone’s life is precious but because the celebrity is famous so it got most attention.

Time: Another character of good news is that it is about the latest in time. If there was an incident about a month ago and then again an incident happens today, then the one which happens today will get more attention as compared to the old one. It is so because humans will lose their attraction towards a thing when it goes old with time. A new and fresh event will always get the more attention of people around the place of that incident and they forget the old one.