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Thursday, February 28, 2013

OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 released

UPDATE:  New Pricing for OS4 OpenDesktop is $19.99 USD a copy.  These are offered for users who want the convenience of just buying a USB vs downloading and creating a USB key or a DVD.  Order yours today !!!!!!!

Today we are pleased to announce the update of OS4 OpenDesktop.  OpenDesktop is the leading provider of cutting edge Linux desktop technology to the masses.  With this release we encompass stability and functionality.  Some of the changes we have made in OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 is that we have cleaned it up quite a bit, so legacy kernels and older versions of software have been removed.  Some of the improvements in OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 are:

Over 300 application and system updates
Google Chrome 25
Linux Kernel 3.2.0-38
Cheese Webcam Booth for webcam users
Google Voice web app which provides SMS and telephony services to OS4
Disk Utility to manage partitions and prepare partitions for installation
OS4 Visual Subsystem 5.1
Gambas 2 is now included by default

Some of the changes we have made to the visuals of OS4 OpenDesktop

Inactive Windows,resizing Windows and moving Windows become glass like with a slight transparencies
OS4 default icon sets have ben updated
More backgrounds have been provided
When you open a terminal session, a fortune displays

Some of the lower level changes that have been made

More wireless drivers
Broadcom STA Driver now installed by default for MacBooks
SHIM bootloader now included and updated for machines with secure boot

OS4 OpenDesktop is freely available for download from

OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 32 bit   md5
OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 64 bit   md5

You can also purchase OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3 on a USB key for installation from the OS4 Store

If you want to support the distribution through a donation you can do that right here.  All donations get used to improve the distribution.


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