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Saturday, August 18, 2012

OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0 Released

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0.  OS4 OpenDesktop is a 32 bit offering that runs on all legacy 32 bit hardware as well as newer Ultrabooks and Netbooks.  With this release we focus on mobility and cloud computing.

Along with this release the system comes with, Audacious, Totem, and Google Chrome.

Some of the web apps that come bundled with the system are:

Angry Birds
Google Drive
Weather Channel
Google Books
Google Music
Google Calendar
Offline Gmail
NY Times
WebCam toy

All multimedia codecs are supported as well as DVD Playback

For a more in depth comparison to Googles ChromeOS you can get that here

To acquire OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0  you can freely download it from

For the downloadable version we do ask for a donation of $20.00 USD, there is no nag screen and the system is not crippled in any way.  To donate click here

If you need to purchase a bootable USB drive, or a burnable ISO stored on a USB key you can purchase that from our website